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  • 2022년 4월 28일 오후 7:30 GMT+12
    As climate change continues unabated, and global poverty worsens, where is a theology of creation care and integral mission? Please note that as requested by the speaker, this webinar will not be recorded.
  • 2022년 4월 12일 오후 7:00 GMT+12
    What is our Biblical Theology of sexuality with all its implications? ​
  • 2021년 11월 20일 오전 10:30 – 오후 12:00 GMT+13
    Online, Zoom
    The annual members gathering will receive reports on this past year, matters that concern the Society and vote in new members of the Board. Our 2021 AGM guest speaker will be Tan Teng Yang, our past National Director.
  • 2021년 11월 06일 오전 10:00 – 오전 11:30 GMT+13
    Zoom Webinar
    Christina Baird, our board member, who is a psychologist in Auckland, will be running a workshop on 'Durability'. the ability to nurture our inner longevity in the face of stress and strain.

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